If you are feeling down or unhappy anxious or worried, have issues with eating or harming yourself or worried you might then please come and talk to a nurse or doctor at the surgery. Remember everything you tell us we will keep confidential we won’t tell anyone about your visit, the only time we might is if you or someone else is in danger but we would always talk to you about this first.

The following services offer counselling to teenagers without you needing to see your doctor you can contact them directly:

Sign Post Counselling

We offer free and confidential counselling, coaching and other support  to 10-25 year olds in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Rickmansworth, South Oxhey and Borehamwood.


Kooth offers online counselling and support you don’t even to need to leave home! Please note when signing up you need to say you live in Hertfordshire even if you live in Buckinghamshire as its linked to the surgery not where you live.


Mentoring service is available in Hertfordshire where you can be paired with a mentor that can help you with stuff like confidence building, time management skills, personal skills to help make new friends, or assistance with job hunting.

Mentoring Leaflet

Channel MOGO

ChannelMOGO is a Hertfordshire website for young people that has lots of other counselling options.