Rothschild House Group receives Purple Star Award for providing outstanding services to patients with Learning Disabilities

The Purple Star award was presented to Markyate surgery and The New Surgery in recognition of providing excellent health equality for people with learning disabilities.

The accreditation, which was originally awarded to Rothschild House Surgery and Little Rothschild Surgery in June 2017, was officially presented to Markyate Surgery and The New Surgery on Friday 8th March at an awards ceremony held at the Y2K Hall in Markyate.

This award is given by the Health Liaison Team from Hertfordshire Health and community services for reasonable adjustments made based on the individual needs of patients, to offer the best service possible. Natasha Collins, Purple Star Strategy Lead Nurse said “Rothschild Group have done some fantastic work for people with learning disabilities, they have been really keen and enthusiastic to bridge the health inequality gap that those with learning disabilities face”.

The ceremony was attended by The Mayor Counsellor Rosie Sutton as well as a number of other members of the local town council, members of the surgery’s own Patient Participation Group and patients of the Surgery who were witness to a performance by the Purple All Stars, a group of people with learning disabilities who use creative arts and music to teach others about the health needs of people with learning disabilities.

Speaking about the award, Sue Rivers Brown, Practice Manager of Rothschild House Group said “We are delighted to have achieved this accreditation across all of our sites. We have been working extremely hard to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone and I’m pleased that we have been recognised for the steps that we have taken to achieve this award”.

As well as offering Health Checks to patients with learning disabilities over the age of 14, all patients over the age of 18 are eligible for a purple folder which allows patient health information to be accessible to doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and opticians. The surgery also invites all patients on its learning disabilities register to attend annually for the flu jab, offers longer or more flexible appointments where necessary and has run a number of staff training sessions to improve awareness of the requirement to make reasonable adjustments for patients.

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