Repeat Prescriptions

To request a repeat prescription, please either:

  • Register for Online Services
  • Bring your white prescription sheet to the surgery you usually use

We do not accept any requests for repeat medication over the phone.

If you are ordering using your Repeat Prescription Request slip please ONLY tick the medicines you need. Please put a line through the items that you do not need.

All requests for medication or repeat prescriptions require at least 2 working days notice. Please ensure that you submit your requests in time!

If you make your request online please follow the instructions and check back online to get updates on your prescription requests. Your request status will update to ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’. Please allow 2 working days from the time it is Accepted before you attend the surgery.

You are able to request repeats a set number of times before your Doctor needs to review your records. If your last prescription showed that you have reached the limit on your medication cycle (ie 6/6) this means your prescription has EXPIRED and you have collected the final issue. In this instance:

  • you may be required to have a test
  • you may be asked to see your Doctor
  • if none of the above are required we will AUTOMATICALLY submit a request for your GP to reauthorise a new prescription.

Please note that this may delay your prescription being issued.

If you’ve arranged to collect your medication or prescription from a pharmacy, please ensure you allow sufficient time for processing.