Requesting Medication

The right hand slip on your prescriptions shows the authorised repeats available. Please tick and initial each item you require. You can post or deliver the slip to your surgery. If you are ordering using your Repeat Prescription Request slip please ONLY tick the medicines you need. Please put a line through the items that you do not need. If you do not have your repeat slip available, the reception team or dispenser can provide you with a copy.

For reasons of confidentiality we are unable to take repeat prescription requests over the telephone and request patients either send in their repeat slip or come to the surgery and place your request in the prescription box at your local branch. All requests for medication or repeat prescriptions require at least 2 working days notice. 

Online ordering is also available. Please use the NHS Portal or App to find out more abut ordering medication online and how to do this.


You are able to request repeats a set number of times before your Doctor needs to review your records. If your last prescription showed that you have reached the limit on your medication cycle (ie 6/6) this means your prescription has EXPIRED and you have collected the final issue. In this instance:


· You may be required to have a test,

· You may be asked to see your Doctor, or

· If none of the above are required we will automatically submit a request for your GP to reauthorise a new prescription ready for you to order next month.


If you’ve arranged to collect your medication or prescription from a pharmacy, please ensure you allow sufficient time for processing.


If you wish your prescription to be posted please provide a stamped self -addressed envelope.