IMPORTANT: Security update to all Patient Access users

We wanted to make you aware that we will soon be emailing an important security update to all Patient Access users, including those registered at your GP practice.

This is to inform patients of an additional authentication step that will be introduced to Patient Access from next week. We are dedicated to safeguarding information relating to patient health, and the existing measures in Patient Access already offer a very high level of data protection and security. We are introducing an additional authentication step when signing in to Patient Access to further protect our users’ data. They will be asked to set a ‘memorable word’ that they will need to enter three characters from when signing in to Patient Access, as well as their usual password.

In the email, we specifically ask patients to contact us directly with any questions rather than their GP practice, as we realise that it’s a very busy time for practices. Full wording of the email can be found here.

Data security is our priority, and the introduction of this new measure is important in providing further protection our to our users’ personal data.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


The team at Patient