Coronavirus Update 10th March

Purchasing or stockpiling of medicines can impact adversely on the supply chain and can result in shortages. It remains important therefore to order your repeat prescriptions in the normal way.

Dear patient,

All practices have now been issued with guidance to be cautious with regard to the coronavirus outbreak that has taken place in mainland China.

We are vigilant and request that any patient who has recently returned from mainland China over the last two to three weeks and develop cold like symptoms, should contact their GP for advice or help. They should not book an appointment to see a Doctor or approach the surgery or hospital without seeking advice first.

For most people, the coronavirus will cause a simple cold. For a few who are vulnerable; such as those with a low immunity, people who are very elderly, people who are on medication that would affect their immunity or patients who have poorly controlled diabetes they could be at more risk of developing a more severe complication of this virus, which is a form of pneumonia.

During weekends and evenings, patients returning from mainland China with cold like symptoms should contact 111.

Yours sincerely

Dr Pani Sissou