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Two of our Younger Members
The Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group [PPG] is independent but works in a close and positive partnership with the Rothschild House Surgery [RHS]. All its members are volunteers and RHS patients. PPG speaks for patients, bringing their concerns and experiences forward to influence the way care is delivered. It is not a forum for individual complaints which are resolved by a robust separate process. Dr. Jon Hykin and a member of the Management Team attend PPG meetings.

It is important that PPG represents all patients, so we are working on increasing our membership. We need more members particularly those with young families aged 20 to 45 years.
We are setting up a champion system where individual PPG members speak up for particular groups. So far we are covering those with long term conditions, carers, the disabled and vulnerable, those with dementia. More work to do.
PPG also feeds into the wider NHS network amplifying patient voices and influencing the way services develop. We also play a part when the practice is inspected.

PPG News

  • Patient participation is essentially a conversation between patients and their doctors
  • As patients, we need to know as much as possible about the services our doctors have on offer as well as knowing the smart way of using them so that we get the most out of those services
  • GP’s are almost always the gateway to the NHS and the role is becoming even more important as the wider NHS struggles to meet demand
  • Patients have useful ideas and feedback to share
  • The Patient Participation Group [PPG] hosted a successful open evening in January. 60 patients attended. The evening was punctuated with lively question and answer sessions. The details of the presentations can be found on the RHS website by clicking the news on the home page of RHS website.
  • Work is in hand to provide leaflets on being a smart patient in waiting rooms
  • Following the meeting we have three new members of the PPG.
  • Previously, patients reported difficulty getting through on the phones in the morning at busy times. Changes have been made, things are getting better. Patients can help by signing up for Online Services and booking online rather than on the phone.
  • The PPG helped to draft the annual patient survey
  • RHS was inspected by the Care Quality Commission. PPG members met the Inspector for an hour long private discussion, discussing the way we work and telling her of our own experiences as patients
  • We have worked hard in 2016 to make sure that our PPG has more direct lines of communication to Bucks Health Services, over the county border but used by about 80% of the 19000+ RHS patients
  • We let them know of our concerns when doctors were not always being told when their patients had been discharged from hospital and after some effort the communication has improved.
  • Bucks Patient Advice and Liaison Service [PALS] follows up patients who have been in their hospitals to ask them to talk about their experiences. For the first time RHS has been added to the list of participating practices
  • George Edwards has been elected as the next Chair of Rothschild House PPG and I am sure that he will build successfully on what we have achieved so far.
  • I have enjoyed being the first Chair of the PPG and would like to thank all the members for their support and encouragement
  • NEXT HOT TOPIC: plan a summer evening meeting for young people to learn more about services designed for them and share their views with the doctors

Irene Short
Outgoing Chair of Rothschild House Patient Participation Group
February 2017

PPG Members (attending meetings every 6 to 8 weeks)

  • George Edwards [Chair]
  • John Allan [Vice Chair]
  • Lynda Ashton
  • Jacqueline Dawson
  • Julia Groom
  • Christine Hyde
  • Bernard Lloyd
  • Perquita Robinson
  • Barry Salmon
  • Shelley Savage
  • Irene Short

Virtual PPG Members (taking part by email)

  • Michael Bernstein
  • Maisie Bradfield
  • Christina Burrows
  • Avril Davies
  • Tegan Davis
  • Robert Kayum
  • Karen Lem
  • Alison Page
  • Saeed Moussa
  • Beccy Webb

If you would like to discuss joining, please use our dedicated email address or complete a tear off slip from the leaflet available in waiting rooms and leave it with a receptionist.

Being a PPG member is interesting and worthwhile.

You can also use to raise things you are concerned about or that you particularly appreciate.

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