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Two of our Younger Members
The Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group [PPG] is independent but works in a close and positive partnership with the Rothschild House Surgery [RHS]. All its members are volunteers and RHS patients. PPG speaks for patients, bringing their concerns and experiences forward to influence the way care is delivered. One of the GPs, usually Dr. Jon Hykin and a member of the Management Team attend PPG meetings. It is not a forum for individual complaints which are resolved by a robust separate process – see the complaints policy.

It is important that PPG represents all patients, so we have increased our membership significantly this year, but we need more members aged 20 to 45 years with young families to represent this group of patients. Most encouragingly a series of presentations by Dr Jon Hykin at Tring School has generated interest in the PPG by Tring School students.

We have set up a champion system where individual PPG members speak up for particular groups. So far we have been able to represent those with long term conditions, carers, the disabled and vulnerable and those with dementia.
PPG also feeds into the wider NHS network amplifying patient voices and influencing the way services develop, particularly across borders into Buckinghamshire. We also played a part when the practice was inspected in 2017.

PPG News Summary

A more detailed October newsletter in Acrobat format (pdf) is available to
download, but here are the highlights:

  • The New Surgery (TNS) – We believe that having Rothschild House
    Surgery (RHS) manage TNS will be beneficial for both sets of patients and
    provide options for future resource sharing. An outline of the initial
    plans for TNS can be read on the RHS web site – We plan to invite patients of TNS to become members of the RHS Patient Participation Group, so that they can represent the specific interests of those patients.
  • Markyate Surgery – from the limited feedback we have received from
    Markyate PPG, we understand the takeover by RHS has gone relatively
  • Communications Issues Bucks Healthcare Trust – we’ve become aware
    of a number of problems relating to patient communications with
    hospitals run by Bucks Healthcare Trust, such as Stoke Mandeville and
    Wycombe. We have made high-level contacts to try to address these
    and are encouraged so far with their response.
  • Pharmacy Services -at a recent PPG meeting we received a very
    informative presentation about pharmacy services from Heena
    Suleman.who works at RHS two days a week.
  • Visit to Hospice of St Francis – a group of PPG members recently visited
    the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted and learnt about the facilities
    they offer and the types of patients, carers and families they support.
    This was a very informative and impressive experience. Learn more
    about the Hospice and support any of their fund-raising activities if you
    can. See
  • Plans for an updated RHS web site – with the enlargement of Rothschild
    House practice, they are reviewing the current web site design and we
    were recently asked to comment on some designs used by other large
    multi-site practices. Once this plan proceeds, we believe it should offer a
    significant improvement in patient usability.
  • Future PPG Activities – looking ahead, we will reach out to the patients of The New Surgery to encourage them to participate in our Patient Participation Group and continue our liaison with Markyate PPG.
  • Membership – I’m pleased to report we have continued to recruit a number of new members of the PPG. However, we are especially keen to recruit younger patients with families to ensure their voice is heard.


George Edwards, Chair
Rothschild House Surgery Patient Participation Group
October 2017

PPG MEMBERSHIP LIST Face to face members (attending meetings every 6-8

George Edwards [Chair]

John Allan [Vice Chair]

Angela Bruce

Jacqueline Dawson

Brian Edwards

Julia Groom

Christine Hyde

Bernard Lloyd

Barry Salmon

Shelley Savage

Irene Short

VIRTUAL PPG Members (taking part by email)

Lynda Ashton

Michael Bernstein

Maisie Bradfield

Christina Burrows

Aime Cahill

Avril Davies

Tegan Davis

Robert Kayum

Karen Lem

Saeed Moussa

Piquita Robinson-labbett

Helen Talbot