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Your feedback helps us maintain high standards of care within the Rothschild House Group surgeries and in the wider NHS services we all use. All patients have valuable feedback to share which can be done by emailing us  or by writing to us addressing the envelope to the PPG and leaving it at one of the surgeries’ receptions.

The Patient Participation Group [PPG] is independent but works in a close and positive partnership with the Rothschild House Surgery [RHS] Group. All its members are volunteers and RHS Group patients. The PPG speaks for patients, bringing their concerns and experiences forward to influence the way care is delivered. One of the GPs, usually Dr. Jon Hykin and a member of the management team attend PPG meetings. It is not a forum for individual complaints which are resolved by a robust separate process – see the complaints policy.

It is important that the PPG represents all patients of the RHS Group, so we have recruited some members from The New Surgery (TNS) which previously had no PPG. However, we need more members aged 20 to 45 years with young families, as well as teenagers to represent these groups of patients.

We have set up a champion system where individual PPG members speak up for particular groups. So far, we have been able to represent those with long term conditions, carers, the disabled and vulnerable and those with dementia.

The PPG also feeds into the wider NHS network in Dacorum and beyond providing patient voices and influencing the way services develop, particularly across borders into Buckinghamshire. We also played a part when the practice was inspected in 2017 by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and more recently when The New Surgery was inspected by CQC.


The merger between Rothschild House Group and Berkhamsted Group Practice, announced earlier this year has now been postponed until 1st October given the complex nature of the operation. We were pleased at the large numbers of patients who attended the information session held at the Nora Grace Hall and in Berkhamsted during May. I’d like to thank members of the respective PPGs for supporting these meetings. Those attending heard from GPs in Berkhamsted and Tring why the merger had become necessary and the plans to ensure that Tring patients didn’t receive any dilution in the high levels of care they already receive. The respective PPGs have been taking a close interest to ensure that all patient interests are protected.

The two practices will form the largest grouping of patients within one of the Dacorum Primary Care Networks (PCN). PCNs will be multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals working together at a local level to deliver a wider range of services, to more easily integrate with the wider health and care system. For more details of why the government is asking local practices to partner in PCNs, the King’s Fund has published a useful article –

I’d like to thank our members for attending various regional health meetings to ensure our voice is heard in discussions about wider NHS plans.

The New Surgery (TNS)

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection took place in March and the PPG was consulted by the inspectors during their visit. The feedback from TNS patients, continues to be positive and we’re confident of a good report.


New Community Health Services

The latest community health service to be introduced is ophthalmology and based on personal experience we have requested some changes be made to the patient information being distributed. Patients who have previously been under the care of Stoke Mandeville eye unit and don’t have complex conditions are being transferred to the new Herts Valleys service. Unfortunately, it appears that Stoke Mandeville may not be informing patients they are being transferred and they may receive an appointment text from Herts Valleys with no explanation that they have been transferred. In addition, the information being distributed about at least one of the venues in Hemel Hempstead has been incomplete, with no information about on-site parking or public transport options. We have brought this to the attention of Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group and hope that improvements will be made quickly.

Practice News

Dr Louise Tossell, who has been training with Rothschild House Surgery, is joining the GP team in September on completion of her training. Two existing GPs, Drs Thomson and Ravichander, have become partners in the practice, taking on additional responsibilities. It is planned to recruit further staff in future to ensure that the high levels of service and good patient-GP ratios are maintained.

Patients using Pitstone Surgery may have noted some recent improvements, including a new check-in terminal at the entrance and a video display system in the waiting room. More appointments are also being offered at Pitstone.

Information for Carers

Information on support for carers and the Carers Innovation Fund –

New Online Support for Type 2 Diabetes

NHS advice will be offered online to people with type 2 diabetes to help them manage their condition with a new kind of service being trialled in limited areas of the country. If successful we hope to see it available in our area – see

New Online Exercise For Osteoporosis

Bones stay strong if you give them work to do. Keeping physically active and doing exercise will help you maintain bone density and strength as you age. See

Out Of Hours Services

Finally, a reminder that there are two different services for those requiring GP appointments outside normal surgery times. Rothschild house operates its own Extended Hours service when the surgery would normally be closed, Monday-Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm and Saturday 8:30-10:00 am. During Extended Hours the surgery is closed to general walk in patients. These appointments are pre-bookable online and over the phone and patients should attend for their appointment via the side door (staff entrance). In addition, there is a Dacorum Extended Access service operating evenings and weekends at The New Surgery and West Herts Medical Centre in Hemel Hempstead. This is an appointments-based service which must be booked in advance by telephoning or visiting the surgery during normal operating hours. Outside of those hours you should call 111 or visit

We welcome feedback!

We believe that patients have useful ideas and feedback to share. Join our PPG email network to keep updated and contribute – please contact us, either using the email address or write to us and mark your envelope Attention PPG.

Keep the conversation going between doctors, the NHS and patients!

George Edwards, Chair
Rothschild House Patient Participation Group

PPG MEMBERSHIP LIST Face to face members (attending meetings every 6-8 weeks)

George Edwards [Chair]
John Allan [Vice Chair]
Angela Bruce
Margaret Cooper (TNS)
Brian Edwards
David Griffiths (TNS)
Julia Groom
Christine Hyde
Chris Langford
Bernard Lloyd
Barry Salmon
Roger Sheppard (TNS)
Irene Short
Councillor Christopher Townsend (Tring Town Council)
Jacqui Tuszynski

VIRTUAL PPG Members (in contact with the group by email)

Michael Bernstein
Christina Burrows
Avril Davies
Jacqueline Dawson
Claude Honey
Robert Kayum
Saeed Moussa
Susan Pettifer (TNS)
Shelley Savage
Helen Talbot