Views Are Sought On Future Plans For The New Surgery In Tring

Following the retirement of Dr Hall-Jones in 2016 views were sought on the future for The New Surgery. These were taken into account when the contract was awarded to Rothschild Surgery in Tring in 2017. This type of contract (an Alternative Provider of Medical Services contract) is presenting technical clinical system issues for Rothschild House. As the system cannot be changed under this contract Rothschild House would like to move to a General Medical Services (GMS) contract when their current one ends in June 2021. Without doing this it is felt the best service cannot be provided to patients.

Whilst patients would see little change in the way things are run if the surgery is moved to a new General Medical Services contract, it is still important that those using and running the surgery have a chance to have their say on two different options that are set out below.

The current New Surgery site location would remain the same irrespective of which option is chosen.

Option 1

Rothschild House continues to run the surgery and is allowed to do this under a General Medical Services contract.

  • Patients will not see any changes.

  • The services and the staff will remain the same.

  • The current New Surgery site location would remain the same.

  • Patients will also have the choice to access appointments at other sites, if they wish, including Chapel St, Tring; Pitstone; Berkhamsted and Markyate as Rothschild House run services there.

  • Virtual appointments will remain the same.

  • The clinical systems (patient medical records) will be merged and therefore patients will not need to re-register, unless they choose to register with another GP Surgery.

  • Rothschild will be the only contractor providing GP services in Tring. This has effectively been the case since they took the contract on in 2017.

Option 2

Rothschild House stop providing New Surgery services and Herts Valleys CCG undertake a competitive tender to contract another GP to provide patient services at the site.

  • The current New Surgery site location would remain the same.

  • There currently appears to be little interest in the market from another local provider to bid for the contract and if procurement was unsuccessful in identifying an appropriate provider, then we would revert to Option 1 of offering Rothschild House Group a General Medical Services contract if they were still willing at this point.

  • There would be a choice of two different GP service providers within the Tring area.

  • Patients would register with The New Surgery under a new contractor as opposed to being moved under Rothschild house surgery patient list.

  • Patients may need to become familiar with new health staff and system procedures.

  • If patients wish to remain with Rothschild House Group and their current GP doctor, then they would need to re-register.

  • New APMS contracts are usually commissioned for up to five years, at which time the contracting process will need to be repeated

NHS Herts Valleys CCG favours option 1 because they believe this presents more advantages for patients than option 2 which may not be feasible with limited market interest.

You can have your say by completing this survey