Requests to convert Private Prescriptions

When a patient undergoes private specialist treatment, the private consultant may prescribe medication. A private consultant may request a GP to issue an NHS prescription for the medication so the patient will not have to pay for it privately. They should normally write to your GP about this.

If you ask your GP to take over prescribing of a medication or treatment recommended by the private doctor, they will need to be satisfied that prescribing is necessary and what they would prescribe for other NHS patients with the same diagnosis / condition.

Please note your GP is not obliged to convert your private prescription, this is done at GP discretion and should be supported by your consultant's clinic letter to ensure dosage and duration of treatments are clarified. We will not usually be able to prescribe branded medication, so your prescription will be for the generic medication that is available on the NHS at that time.

These requests fall outside of our Repeat Prescribing Policy and will require a GP Assessment and take up to 5 working days.