GP Changes

As the practice continues to be successful in attracting a high calibre of salaried GPs, November will be a busy month for us.

We would like to share some of the upcoming changes to GPs within the practice as we look to stabilise the core GPs at each site and welcome Dr Michael Keane, pictured, to our Markyate site.

Tuesday 2nd November - Dr Katy Joynson returns to Berkhamsted from maternity leave.

Thursday 11th November - Dr Amini Masoud finishes at Berkhamsted – his patient list will be split between Dr Sara Atkinson and Dr Katy Joynson.

Monday 15th November - Dr Radhika Ravichander will be located in Tring for all of her sessions – her patient list will be passed over to Dr Keane.

Monday 15th November - Dr Michael Keane will start at Markyate.

Monday 15th November - Dr Katie Massey’s list to be passed over to Dr Masoud Amini.

Tuesday 16th November - Dr Masoud Amini will pass his patient list over to Dr Keane, however will work a few more sessions in Markyate until we fill this post, hopefully imminently.

Thursday 18th November - Dr Louise Gibbs-Jones returns to Tring from maternity leave.

We understand that this is a lot of changes and not everyone will be affected. Please be assured that all patients whose named GP is changing as a result of these moves will be contacted directly by text or letter over the coming weeks.

Thank you!