COVID-19 Vaccinations: extension of the shielding patients list

This week the government has identified a new group of people considered to be at high risk from Covid-19 and has significantly extended the list of ‘shielding’ patients.

Up to 1.7 million patients have been identified. Those within this group who are over 70 will have already been invited for vaccination and 820,000 adults between 19 and 69 years will now be prioritised for a vaccination.

We are are aware of this development and are being provided with the lists of their patients who are now being added into the shielding group and moved up in the vaccination programme.

You do not need to call your local surgery to enquire about this.

If you’re among the patients now joining the shielding list then we will know and we will soon contact you to offer a vaccination at the Maxted Road Vaccination Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

To learn more about how the new lists of shielding patients have been drawn up please see the Gov.UK website article.

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