You will all be aware of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant and the increased urgency for the booster vaccinations to be given to patients. To enable practices to support this, the NHS has directed practices to prioritise and/or defer certain non-critical patient services.

We are looking at this closely, but our aim is to continue to provide as many of our patient services as possible. Patients will continue to be given the choice of a phone or face to face appointment depending on the circumstances.

Where appropriate we ask patients to speak to their local community pharmacist for minor illness issues.

Patients can also access the NHS Symptom Checker ,and can access mental health therapy services directly through the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Service

Our staff very much appreciate your continued patience and understanding during this very busy time. Please be assured all staff are working extremely hard to ensure we continue to deliver the best service possible to our patients.

Dr Gupta

Senior Partner

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Further to the government’s announcement this afternoon, patients are still required to wear a face covering in healthcare settings. This is to protect both our vulnerable patients and staff members.