Patient Notice – Changes to Named GPs

We are currently writing to a large number of patients to advise of a change to their named GP.

This review of patient lists has been done at this time because of the merger of our clinical lists with our branch in Markyate and has been carried out to ensure GP list sizes allow our Doctors to provide safe and personalised care.
Patients from all GPs at the practice have been affected by this exercise and we hope to see the following benefits for patients once completed:

  • Better access to your named GP
  • A shorter wait for Non-Urgent appointments
  • Improved continuity of care and safety for our  patients.

Affected patients have been allocated to one of our new GPs:

  • Dr Rupal Patel (Female)
  • Dr Adil Nathoo (Male)

It is important for these GPs to build their own patient lists and we have confidence that patients transitioned to one of these GPs will experience excellent care in their safe hands.

We understand that a change like this may be unsettling for patients and would be happy to review any individual concerns on a 1:1 basis.
Please send all enquiries or comments to or address written correspondence to the Assistant Practice Manager.

Due to additional responsibilities Dr Janet Crabtree will be sharing her patient list with Dr Stuart Caldwell.
We will not be writing to Dr Crabtree’s patients as both Doctors will be working closely together. Patients are advised to please book with either Doctor.