Register for Online Services

At Rothschild House Group we encourage patient use of online facilities.


The easiest, quickest way to get online with the practice is through the use of the NHS App which is easy to register with and is accessible as a website or downloaded mobile app.


Once you are registered you will be able to use the service to:

  • Order your repeat prescriptions

  • Make an appointment

  • Cancel an appointment

  • Change your contact details

  • View your medical records


We are aware that as well as the NHS App there are a significant number of alternative providers that patient’s can register with. These are listed below but please note that not all will allow the full range of online facilities so please ensure you choose an application that meets your needs. The practice’s Patient Group has put together this handy guide which may aid in deciding which platform you chose to register with.  


If you wish to register for online services with one of the below providers please complete this form and we will issue you with the account and linkage keys you will need to complete your registration. Please note that in some cases, with some applications we will need to complete ID verification checks before access can be granted.

Our PPG Chair has created a brief review of the available GP Online Services Apps which you can read here.


Patient Access

Evergreen Life

Co-op Health


Echo Pharmacy

AT Tech

Pharmacy2U Ltd


Boots UK

My Way Digital Health

C Sharp Solutions

Patients Know Best

Healthera Ltd


Digital Medical Supply UK LTD

Nurturey – the digital Redbook

Nye Health

My Cohens

Avicenna Ltd