Reception Enquiries

How to make an appointment

At the current time all appointments will be telephone appointments unless you have spoken to a doctor and they have asked you to attend the practice.

The practice reserves a limited number of appointments each day for emergencies or urgent issues that need to be seen as quickly as possible as well as offering patients to book routine appointments further in advance.


If your need is urgent and you feel you need to be seen or spoken by a doctor on the day then please contact your surgery during advertised opening hours.  As these appointments are limited we encourage patients to consider other sources of help before they contact us.

Patients are also able to use the NHS App and online portal to register with the practice as this allows patients access to book their own appointments.  For more information please visit our online room. 

Doctors' Appointments

When you register with the practice you will be registered to a specific Doctor. For continuity of care you are requested to make appointments with this Doctor, should he or she not be available or should it be an emergency you are able to request an appointment with another Doctor within the practice.

Telephone and Urgent on the Day Appointments

Same day appointments are for urgent medical problems and not for repeat prescriptions, sick notes or routine referrals.

Before you make an appointment please think about whether there are any other services that might be more appropriate. For example, remember that pharmacists are trained to give advice about minor health problems and answer any questions about your medicines and treatment. The surgery offers use of the E-Consult platform which can be found in our Self Help area.  The NHS App, website and NHS 111 system are also available to guide you to appropriate sources of advice.

Understandably many people are reluctant to tell a receptionist about the reason that they want to see a doctor. However our reception staff are more likely to be able to guide you in the right direction if you give them a rough idea about your problem. All our staff have a responsibility to treat your information confidentially, and we take this very seriously. We also want to ensure that patients that clinically need to be seen by a GP on the same day are able to do so. By changing the way in which we allocate our urgent appointments we hope to ensure that there are appointments available in the afternoon for those who may be taken unwell later in the day.

Please understand that the receptionists and clinical staff are trying to meet the needs of all our patients, each of whom is very important.


If the patient is suffering from any of the following dial 999 immediately:

  • Severe chest pains, sweating, clamminess, pain radiating down left arm.

  • Unconscious/collapsed.

  • Turning blue.

  • Head Injury.

  • Bleeding profusely.

  • Weak and floppy with a rash (especially if child).

Cancel Appointments

If you need to cancel your appointment there are a number of ways to do this:

  • Reply to your appointment reminder text message with the word ‘CANCEL’. Please note that not all appointments receive a reminder message.

  • Cancel via our online services.

  • Call the surgery and speak to a receptionist.

​Please give us as much notice as possible so that the appointment may be used for another patient.